Benefits Of Getting Fit With A Personal Trainer

Posted on: 13 April 2015

To have a personal trainer or not… that is the question.

For many, getting fit means buying DVD systems or streaming videos online.  Those people are exercising, yes, and they are enjoying the benefit of a routine, however there is something to be said about enlisting the help of a personal trainer.  The one on one coaching they provide is different than what you can get by going it alone.  Here are some great reasons to get fit with the help of a trainer:

Personalized Routines

As was mentioned before, the one on one relationship between a personal trainer and student is incomparable to any other fitness relationship.  Personal trainers can create a routine that is suitable for your goals, whether they be fitness, heart health, or muscle gain related.  They can change this routine to match your fitness level as it changes.  This is different than DVDs or streaming class options that produce tools for the masses. 

Reduces Injury

All too often people think they can create their own workouts to meet their goals.  They string together exercises that approach a specific area and think they are addressing it sufficiently.  The problem is that they can't be sure they are doing the right thing because they aren't trained professionals.  They also can't be sure they are executing the moves properly every time.  Personal trainers understand the various exercises and what they address – this comprehensive knowledge keeps their clients from injuring themselves or overworking muscles.


A personal trainer won't let you give up.  It's easy to throw in the towel when you just don't feel motivated.  The only problem is that this behavior spills into the next day and the day after that.  A personal trainer will nip this in the bud.  They will hold you to task and help you stay the course so that you reach your goals.

Get Results

A personal trainer can help you get results faster than going it alone will.  This is due to a combination of factors, including those listed here.  Keeping you to task and providing specialized exercises and techniques will make a difference in the long run.

While it is helpful to have the challenging and encouraging presence of a professional trainer in your corner while you burn out that last set of crunches, it is not the only way to get fit.  Consider some of these options as you prepare to get into shape and do what works best for you. (For more information on personal trainers, contact 180 Fitness or another company)