3 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer For Your Aging Loved One

Posted on: 3 May 2016

Customized personal training is often a service that people think is reserved for individuals training for athletic events or younger people trying to look their best. The truth of the matter is that personal training can benefit people of all ages and ability levels, especially senior citizens. Hiring a personal trainer for your aging loved one will help motivate him or her to stay more active.

Here are three benefits your elderly loved one will enjoy when you make the choice to hire a personal trainer to serve him or her in the future.

1. Exercise improves cognitive processes.

The risk of developing dementia increases as an individual ages. If you are worried that your loved one might succumb to dementia, hiring a personal trainer could help you prolong the onset of this condition.

Regular exercise can increase blood flow to the brain. This increased blood flow helps to enhance the performance of specific neurotransmitters that are involved in cognitive processing. By keeping your loved one's body in shape through personal training, you can also help keep his or her cognitive processes in good working order.

2. Personal training provides social interaction.

When you make the choice to hire a personal trainer for your aging loved one, you are giving him or her the opportunity to interact with someone on a regular basis. Social interaction plays a critical role in helping to maintain the overall health of senior citizens.

Research shows that regular social interaction can contribute to lower blood pressure readings, reduced risk for cardiovascular complications, and reduce risk of depression in older adults. Personal training is an interactive activity, so while a trainer is helping to condition your aging loved one's body, the social interaction that takes place during a training session can help maintain other areas of your loved one's health as well.

3. Exercise can help prevent falls.

One major concern many senior citizens and their family members share is the risk of falling and becoming seriously injured. The bones in an aging body are often more brittle than those of a younger person, so a fall could create serious complications for an elderly individual.

Statistics show that every 13 seconds an elderly American is treated in a hospital emergency room for a slip and fall. Every 20 minutes a fall claims the life of a senior citizen. Regular exercise (which can be facilitated by a personal trainer) can help improve balance, reducing the chances that your loved one will fall.

Understanding how personal training can benefit your aging loved one allows you to see that paying for a personal trainer on a regular basis is a great investment. Contact a business, such as Club 7 Fitness, for more information.