Split Your Gym Time And Home Workout Full-Body Exercises Effectively

Posted on: 17 June 2020

Performing full-body exercises is essential for both visual aesthetics and functional strength. Working the upper body all the time while ignoring the legs could create a disproportionate look. Also, the weaker legs might have trouble supporting a more muscular upper body. So, working all the muscle groups -- the upper, lower, and core -- makes sense. What can you do when you aren't able to access the gym for the preferred 3 days a week to hit all the muscles? An at-home workout plan with home exercise equipment can fill in the gaps. 

Working Out at Home on "Missed Days"

When life throws wrenches into your well-oiled weekly fitness machine, don't fret. A basic home workout with easy-to-purchase equipment fills in the gaps. Here are a few to add to your workout collection:

Power Twister: The power twister is an old-school upper-body resistance tool that combines a spring coil with a bar you bend with your hands. Change the angles on how you twist it and hit the upper/lower chest, shoulders, and more.

Kettlebell Collection: Kettlebells work exceptionally well for all muscle groups, and there's a multitude of different exercises to perform with them. Add several different kettlebells of varying degrees of weight to your collection. This way, you can hit the different muscle groups light or hard, depending on current strength and endurance levels.

Weighted Vest: Adding a 45-lb weighted vest to your bodyweight exercise adds endurance and resistance challenges. Push-ups, squats, step exercises, and more become a little more challenging and, possibly, more productive when performed with a vest.

And there's another positive point about the equipment: much of it is portable. If you have to travel, you can likely take some equipment with you. A 35-lb kettlebell would be tough to transport, but a 10-lb one and a power twister aren't.

Hitting the Gym Effectively

When visiting the gym on days you can get there, working on compound moves would support hitting as many muscles as possible. Squats, ab crunches, bench presses, and shoulder presses alone would cover a lot of "muscle territory." If you worked out at home two of your three days, it might be best to pick things up a little in the gym. After all, you'll have access to more weights and equipment. Going too hard, however, might be counterproductive. Lifting moderate-level weights and regulating intensity could reduce the soreness or avoid overtraining. Remember, you want to get back into your scheduled home workouts seamlessly.