Four Reasons For Dancers To Use Balance Pads

Posted on: 18 September 2020

Exercise balance pads are a great way for anyone to improve their balance. They are often used by the elderly, those recovering from an injury, those with balance issues, and professional athletes for improving balance. However, almost everyone can benefit from adding an exercise balance pad to their workout routine, especially dancers. Whether you practice ballet, social dancing, or hip hop, here are just a few reasons why you should consider using a non-slip exercise balance pad

Improve Your Balance

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a balance pad is that it improves your balance. A balance pad sets you slightly off-balance, requiring your small muscles to work to keep you upright. This can be more efficient than simply practicing your balance on stable ground. 

Increase Your Body Awareness

Balance pads often allow you to engage muscles you might not be aware of. These include small muscles in your ankles, calves, thighs, and core. Over time, you may gain more awareness of these muscles, which will give you greater control over your movement. This is especially important when performing isolations or subtle, intricate dance moves. 

Increase Your Strength 

Using a balance pad can increase your muscle tone, giving you the strength to jump higher, spin faster, and dance longer. It may be especially helpful for dancers who dance on their toes, such as people who dance in high heels and ballet and modern dancers. However, even if you do not use these dance styles, you may find your legs are stronger and dancing is easier after training with a balance pad. 

Decrease Your Recovery Time 

All forms of dancing are complex movements, which means dancers are at a constant risk of stumbling over a step. An increased sense of balance allows you to recover more quickly from these mistakes, continuing your dance without others noticing your missteps. 

Adding a balance pad to your warm-up routine can be a good way to engage your muscles and mind-body connection, leading to a great training day or performance. You only need to add a few minutes of balance pad practice to your warm-up. A balance pad is also a great option for dancers who live in a small space to develop their balance and self-awareness at home when they don't have access to an adequate dance space. Most moves can be practiced in a relatively small area. 

If you are a dancer looking to develop your skills or push yourself to the next level, consider buying a balance pad.