Routine Exercises For Osteoporosis Treatment

Posted on: 8 April 2021

If you have osteoporosis or a recent fracture, you'll need osteoporosis treatment. Patients with these conditions often forego exercises, fearing it might aggravate the situation or cause another fracture. Fortunately, a well-crafted exercise regimen will promote bone density restoration and prevent future falls.  The reason why doctors endorse exercises is their potential to rebuild muscle power and bone thickness. If your fracture was occasioned by osteoporosis, you should take quick action to restore bone thickness, muscle strength, and coordination. Before you start, get a bone doctor to perform a bone density procedure to define the perfect starting point. Here are exercises that complement osteoporosis treatment.

Weight-Bearing Exercises

When you kick-start an exercise routine to manage osteoporosis, weight-bearing or muscle-strengthening exercises are ideal. Weight-bearing exercises work your physique against gravity. This helps to toughen your bones. Weight-bearing exercises comprise walking, rope skipping, jogging, hiking, or yoga. You maintain an upright posture when undertaking most of these exercises. If you choose high-impact exercises, you reinforce your bones more, compared to low-impact weight-bearing workouts. You should contact an osteoporosis treatment specialist to help you choose high or low-impact exercises.  Some exercises like yoga are useful since they help you restore muscle stamina and coordination without overworking your joints. Some exercises boost cardiovascular functions, though they might not promote bone density if they don't subject pressure to your bones.

Muscle-Strengthening Workouts

If you opt for a muscle-strengthening routine, you use weights or your body's resistance to exert against gravity. Here, you can choose standalone weights, machines, resistance bands, or your body weight. Muscle firming exercises are essential. They help you build up mobility and avoid falls. You can stand on your feet, do push-ups, and crouches. When you go for resistance exercises, use weight machines, elastic bands, or your weight. Always consult an osteoporosis treatment specialist to guide you on the right exercises to start with.

Physical Balance and Flexibility Exercises

When you reinforce your balance, it averts falls and fractures. For instance, yoga is a highly recommended option that boosts your gait. You can undertake yoga sessions several days a week. Equally, you need flexibility exercise to keep your joints and muscles agile. You can stretch or do yoga weekly. Remember, an osteoporosis specialist can help you start with the right blend of exercises depending on your condition. If you need the right osteoporosis exercise advice, reach out to an osteoporosis specialist near you.