Interesting, Fun, Light, And Atypical Workouts For Medical Weight Loss

Posted on: 13 August 2015

When a doctor suggests losing weight to prevent heart disease or another medical condition, you might fret over launching a strenuous exercise program. Don't be too concerned about putting yourself through a really tough  boot camp workout. Even light exercise contributes to reliable weight loss and should also boost cardiovascular conditioning quite nicely. Taking part in workouts outside of the traditional aerobic and weightlifting programs could yield surprisingly excellent results.

Tai Chi Sessions for Low-Impact Weight Loss

Tai chi is a traditional martial arts-based form of moving meditation. More than the mind is improved through Tai Chi. Every time the body moves, calories are burned. Taking part in one hour of Tai Chi practice could burn anywhere from 240 - 356 calories depending upon your weight. Even just a half-hour per day is going to contribute to fat loss. The deep-breathing component of the exercises also helps enhance cardiovascular conditioning.

Tai Chi practice brings forth other traits that exercises like step aerobics lack. Memorizing the movements of the Yang 24 or 48 form and duplicating them with precision engages and challenges the mind. As a result, perfecting the form challenges the mind and keeps newbies from getting bored too soon.

Exercise Balls for Basic Strength Enhancement

An over-sized exercise ball is extremely versatile in terms of the different types of exercises that can be performed. The exercise ball also helps contribute to lessening the intensity of workouts. For example, resting the shins on top of the ball while doing push-ups takes some of the weight off the upper body. This makes the toning benefits accessible to those who might not be strong enough to perform full body weight pushups.

As you become more accustomed to working out on the ball, move on and perform intermediate exercises. The push-up/crunch combo is an example of such an exercise. Pinching the ball between the ankles while crunched up, walking out on the hands, hitting a push-up, and crunching back to the original position, and then repeating for a set number of reps effectively works the upper body and core muscles.

Dancing for Light Aerobic Conditioning

Not all dance aerobics programs are high intensity. Very light workouts based on, say, ballroom dancing help get the body moving and calories burning. The leg muscles also end up stronger and better tones since they have to carry your body weight while performing the steps. The fun nature of dance-based exercises helps you feel a lot more enthusiastic about performing them. As a result, skipping a workout becomes less likely.

Of course, prior to performing any exercise for medical weight loss, check with a physician and/or physical therapist to make sure the activity is acceptable. Contact a weight loss center, like Glory Wellnes Center and Weight Loss Clinic, for more information.