Muscles That Cycling Classes Can Help

Posted on: 17 December 2019

Cycling is a very popular workout for a variety of people. Cycling works an assortment of muscle groups, which makes it a well-rounded exercise that can assist anyone in reaching their fitness and wellness goals. If you are not familiar with this particular form of exercise, you may want to consider signing up for a local cycling class to learn. To learn more about the muscles that will benefit from cycling, keep reading.

Hamstrings and Quads

When cycling, your legs are moving constantly. Therefore, your leg muscles, such as the hamstrings and quads, are receiving quite the workout. When pedaling the bicycle, your quads are working in conjunction with your hamstrings, allowing the front and back of your thigh to get a comparable workout. However, if you pedal while standing or uphill, you can focus on your quads more. Other leg muscles, such as your calf muscles, can get a secondary workout.

Core Muscles

Cycling is one of the best full-body workouts because of the posture and stamina that is required to ensure you are able to push the pedals throughout the entire class. For that reason, your abs and other core muscles receive a fantastic workout, particularly if you ensure your back remains straight while holding onto the handlebars of the bike as you are pedaling.


When you move your legs, your glutes are also moving. During cycling workouts, the glutes tend to be targeted. If you want to increase the intensity for this particular muscle group, you should stand while pedaling.

Heart Muscles

You may not realize it, but your heart muscles are receiving a great workout while cycling. Cycling helps to ensure that your heart muscles are able to keep oxygen and blood pumping throughout the body. By focusing on endurance and/or interval workouts, which means that you are rotating between slower pedaling and fast sprints, you are ensuring your heart is getting a good workout and that you can get through some of the most rigorous exercise routines and life events.

If you would like to learn more about how cycling can benefit you, your muscles, and your health in general, consider reaching out to your health care provider or a local gym that offers cycling classes along with other exercise classes. Remember, cycling isn't for people of a certain age or even of a certain fitness level; cycling is for everyone. Therefore, regardless of your fitness goals, give cycling a try today!